Over half way – 2nd Trimester

Lately I’ve had this feeling that I want to go running.

  1. I don’t run
  2. It’s currently impossible
  3. Did I mention I don’t run?

I’m going to presume its hormones.

People tell me I’m tiny. However, if you saw me before I was pregnant, I was tiny. Now all the weight I’ve gained is at my stomach/boobs area. A place where it makes non-maternity pants, tops and dresses impossible to wear. My ‘I can’t wear this anymore’ box of clothes is starting to get bigger than that clothes I can still wear.

I did buy a dress or two that are maternity. I cannot wait for them to arrive so I can wear them. I miss pretty clothes! The best thing about them, is that I can wear them when not pregnant! Horary!

ddsa image3xl

I was always happy with my 10C boobs. They were an excellent size. But these days, I have no idea how to handle big boobs. Either my bra shows because it’s too big, the top/dress doesn’t want to zip up or my nipples decide to poke out 24/7.

I decided to take a photo of them the other day. Only to see how they looked from a different perspective. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

I have never been so scared before in my life! The photo was quickly deleted.

While my morning sickness has stuck around like a bad tattoo, it made me have this constant feeling of wanting to eat but vomit at the same time. It was an everyday struggle.

It has calmed down though, only to be greeted by heartburn. And it’s a bitch! Thank goodness I can actually take something for it. Unlike the colds I’ve had.

I’ve had about two colds so far and both have been horrid. Vicks was by best friend. Even when I got up to pee during the night and forgot that I had it on my feet with socks was interesting. It felt like I had stepped in goo. Really sticky goo. Strepsils and Panadol helped slightly. Either way, I had to wait for it to run its course, even if that ended up being over four weeks.

And then I get hit with the worst cold out. I can normally suck it up, however, this time I couldn’t and was told I had to stay in bed. This then moved to my chest and then my tonsils decided to flare up. It wasn’t fun at all.

Also who knew that when my belly button began to change, it could be so creepy. Ugh, it’s quite gross. It just keeps changing.

10371587_10203776455925372_3685188415525607872_n  20 Week Belly

I’ve felt the baby move more these days. It’s like good nerves, butterflies fluttering around. It still feels weird that’s for sure. I like feeling it move though. The movements are getting stronger and I feel them more often now. I have to sleep a certain way other bubs kicks up a storm. Like when I kept coughing, it really must have felt like an earthquake in there!

10612588_10203783694546333_8413048970657858326_n  10635696_10203875619924410_7812297778366159397_n

Monday 25th of August I had my 20 week scan. Was so cool to see the little human on the screen! The ultrasound guy had trouble trying to get bubs to do what he wanted. She had a mind of her own! Every time he tried to get her legs/feet she would kick around and make his job that little bit harder. In the end I got to empty my bladder (thank goodness!) to try and get her to turn around more. He just managed to get what he needed before she decided to be annoying again.

When the guy changed the 2D scan into 3D, I honestly thought it was going to be creepy and alien like. Although, it actually wasn’t! So cool what it could show.

I now have over 90 photos on disc and it’s pretty cool seeing it every now and then.

Cannot wait to meet this little girl in January!

IMG_4486 IMG_4545

(Photos taken by Mary Hoare)


21 & soon to be a Mother

It was definitely not something I expected to happen for another few years.

January 2015 will be a whole new adventure of raising my own little human. It’s honestly quite scary. I’m currently 14 weeks 4 days pregnant and the munchkin’s heartbeat is strong and sounds amazing on the Doppler (coolest things ever invented!). It’s amazing what we can do with today’s technology.


I’ve had morning sickness (more like all day sickness) pretty much since the beginning. It’s no fun and I swear it makes you feel 100% worse majority of the time. I get pretty tired in the arvo and need a nap – but it can’t be too long of a nap otherwise I feel worse.

Boobs. Boobs are completely their own story. They go crazy with hormones and grow to the point where you can’t wear any of your pretty dresses ‘cause the zip doesn’t do up and pretty bras are a distant memory. Soon I’ll need a crane to lift them!
I did have someone tell me that staring at my boobs so much isn’t good for the baby. Have you seen these bad boys? They change practically every day!

Sleeping is fun. Trying to get comfortable is fun. Then finally you’re happy enough to fall asleep and your bladder decides it needs to be emptied again. I can put it off for a little bit, until I finally give up and venture out of my nice warm doonas and into the icy air around me.

I don’t like wearing pants at all. They annoy me to the point where I either don’t wear any or just chill in my onesie. I do miss wearing my jeans though.

They say you can’t actually feel the baby moving at the moment. However, I have odd/strange feelings around that area which pretty much has been summed up to the point that it is the little munchkin moving. Popping popcorn and butterfly kisses sounds/feels about right.

I’ve had many people ask me about the dad, and I’ll tell you this and this only: it’s complicated.
My family supports me and that’s all that matters. The little munchkin is going to be loved so much by so many people, that’s all that matters. Munchkin will have endless amounts of uncles and aunts watching over its life.

7 Week Scan:


12 Weeks:

14 Weeks:

First Post (cause it seems like a good first name)

I decided I would create a blog to help get my name out in the world and to get out some of the thoughts in my mind.

Please note that this is my view and I know I will not please everyone.

I currently work and am studying two courses. So I will update whenever I can and will be on any topic I feel like sharing.

If you like it and have some ways of improving this blog, please feel free to let my know.